The Maze Industrial

The Maze is a brand new entertainment business idea for groups of people. A team of 2-6 persons enters The Maze Industrial experience. The team has to play through a series of interactive tasks that combine fitness, observation, action & handiness. The tasks are separated with nets & iron bars, which along with the overall decoration create a transparent industrial game arena.

How it is PLAYED

Step 01

Inside the arena, the team can find the mission rooms. They will see a screen outside each mission. When the screen has a red indication, there is another team already playing inside. When the indication is green, the mission is available for the team to enter!

Step 02

When the team enters the room, a screen with a difficulty selection is available. Once difficulty is set, the time starts to count!

Step 03

The team must try to win the mission that has just started (3-6’). If they succeed, they can move to a different one. If they fail, they can reset the difficulty and start again!

Step 04

The team can see live stats of their performance in the main screens inside the arena. Using the wristband, their performance details are passed on their profiles for personal & global leaderboard purposes.


The Maze operates with a unique software that takes advantage of all technical
aspects of the game and creates a remarkable experience & endless possibility
for the customer and the owner.

A combination of touch screens with RFID wristbands that the players wear
throughout the game creates an automated and unique entertainment

On top of that, our software technology creates a vast opportunity field for
personalized marketing as all the statistics of the game are stored in the
players’ accounts.

Game Types


The symbol of fire is associated with energy, activity & strength. So are the Fire Missions at the Maze; The teams will stretch their physical limits to the max!

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Air is identified as the symbol of intelligence. The players will surely need plenty of air in order to think right and act properly while playing the brain & intelligence missions of The Maze.

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A symbol related with flexibility. This missions category at The Maze will require the best out of their skills, handiness and accuracy from players!

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Our earth missions are under completion and they will be available soon, combining elements from the above types of games, in some extra-fun and spacious missions that will be considered as masterpieces of entertainment!

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No drywalls and heavy constructional work for the owners. No need to work with 3rd and 4th party vendors.

Increased social distance, ventilation & open space, marking the Maze Industrial as Covid-safer than other indoor activities.

Easy to rearrange the missions and create new ones, thanks to the lack of solid walls and the mobility of iron bars and nets used. Easy to relocate to another venue.

100% turnkey solution. Game missions, Operations Software & Loyalty Platform, venue construction, all in the most competitive turnkey service price.

What you Get

Space Requirements

  • 500 m2 of flat space
  • 100 m2 for other use
  • The Maze room missions require around 20m2 each.
  • The Maze- Adventure Games comes with 1-year support & guarantee.

Our Standard solution offers you the construction and installation of the game, its hardware components and the original operations software, which you will have the pleasure to operate under your own business trademark sign.*includes 1-year support & guarantee.

*All electronic devices, compartments & items bear the appropriate CE Marking and are constructed and applied under all the relevant EU standards.

  • Installation
  • Door-to-door Shipping
  • Staff Transport & Accommodation
  • Game Props & Room Missions Constructions
  • Unique Game Software & Cloud Automations
  • Electronic Constructions & Compartments of the Game (Sensors, Activators etc)
  • RFID Hardware
  • CCTV & Computer Hardware
  • Scenery Design, Decoration & Digital Prints/Wallpapers
  • Stories & Gameplays of the rooms
  • Rearrangement checklist of rooms
  • Game Multimedia (soundtrack, sound library, visual effects)
  • Software Operation Manuals
  • Device Manuals
  • Game, maintenance & troubleshooting manuals
  • Spare Parts
  • Six-month replacement guarantee for all game props
  • Staff Training
  • Digital printing on PVC tarpaulin (5mm)
  • 32’’ & 27’’ Touch Screens & Tablets
  • Elastic protective components and foam rubber safety mats
  • Electronic constructions (props)
  • Three (3) registration kiosks for the reception hall.
  • Five Hundred pieces (500 pcs) of reusable silicon rubber The Maze RFID wristbands for players.
  • Venue iron constructions, doors, nets & wooden surfaces
    (for The Maze | Industrial solution).

Partnership solution in simple words: In addition with the escape rooms creation (that takes place similarly with the standard solution), we deliver you with a ready to go branding option of our escape room brand, The MindTrap.

Our partnership solution comes with all the standard options as seen before (game installation, hardware & operation software), while on top of that you will have the chance to enjoy a full branded package that contains all the necessary tools to operate such a promising entertainment venue, with our Customer Loyalty Scheme standing on top of our partnership privileges; A scheme connected with our live game feed and our website, that will thrill your visitors and allow you to act towards the brightest personalized marketing you could get.

  • Trademark sign
  • Venue Identity: Staff outfits, venue billboards & interior decoration, Digital printing on PVC tarpaulin (5mm)
  • Merchandise items, solutions & designs
  • Multimedia (photo/video/graphic designs) library for promotional purposes
  • Offline Material: Flyer & Catalogue Designs
  • TV Screens, Tablets (bearing the CE marking)
  • 2 X Information kiosk for reception hall (or more upon request)
  • Venue signage
  • Responsive Website & Online Booking System
  • Sales & Marketing plans / guides.

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