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Since 2014, Intelligent Entertainment has been creating exciting entertainment experiences for the public. The company, through the escape brand The MindTrap ,managed to conquer south-eastern Europe, opening escape rooms to 15 locations.

Through The MindTrap, Intelligent Entertainment has created more than 20 different escape room scenarios, composed 360-entertainment experiences, presented escape rooms with live performances by actors, applied advanced and groundbreaking effects and technologies. At the crack of the decade, the company is rapidly expanding its escape room production located in more than 10 venues at the central and north Europe. At the same time, Intelligent Entertainment has brought The Maze into life, a combo entertainment solution of adventure games that offers a remarkable experience to customers and maximizes profits for owners.

Headquartered in a 2,000-square-meter manufactory in Thessaloniki, Greece, Intelligent Entertainment and a team of carpenters, electrical engineers, artists, directors, game writers, graphic designers, marketers & communications experts produce great entertainment results every day and also manage the franchise network with amazing sales marketing strategies that keep the company at the top of the entertainment industry.


A so-far amazing journey in the world of entertainment.


Foundation. The company starts its activity with the creation of a theme of 9, 600 sq.m. escape area in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Expansion of Escape Rooms in various locations through the corporate escape rooms franchise, The MindTrap.


Relocation to brand new 2,000 sq.m. manufacturing.


Launch of a number of new technologies, such as styrofoam wall decorations, 3D printed elements, CNC and laser cutting constructions.


Launch of MindWare, the automated Escape Rooms software.


The Maze, the company's other entertainment program in addition to places of escape, begins in Brussels, Belgium.


By the end of January, Intelligent Entertainment had built more than 20 escape rooms in 7 locations in Germany and Switzerland, within the calendar year, with many more to follow.

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