Crafting Themed Mini Golf Adventures for Funpark Rodgau

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Testimonial for 19 mini golf courses in Rodgau, Germany for Funpark in Rodgau

Project Description

Funpark Rodgau, the ultimate leisure destination in Rodgau, Germany, sought to elevate its offerings by introducing 19 themed mini golf courses. Each course would be individually designed, equipped with RFID technology to count points, and feature varying degrees of difficulty.

The objective was clear: to create a visually stunning and thematically consistent mini-golf experience that would enchant visitors and provide a sense of unity through theming.


  • Craft 19 unique mini golf holes, each with its own distinct theme and varying difficulty.
  • Design impressive and memorable props to enhance the thematic experience.
  • Implement an RFID scoring system for enhanced gameplay.
  • Ensure the safety and satisfaction of players and customers.

Mini golf course ”Duck Hunt”

Challenges and Constraints

The project posed several challenges, including ensuring the safety of players and adhering to tight timelines. The primary constraints were:

  • Safety: Maintaining the highest safety standards for players.
  • Timeliness: Delivering on schedule despite any unforeseen issues.
  • Thematic Consistency: Creating a sense of homogeneity and immersion across all 19 courses.
  • Design and Construction Process

The journey began by collaborating with architects and 3D generalists to shape the overarching theme based on the site. Next, the project management and construction department came into play to finalize dimensions and address any emerging details. The process involved planning, and ensuring the thematic experience was seamless and engaging.

Techniques and Materials

To bring these captivating mini golf courses to life, a diverse range of techniques and materials were employed:

  • Wood: For foundational structures.
  • Metal: For sturdy frameworks.
  • Special Props: Utilizing materials like styrofoam and wood for unique thematic elements.
  • UV Printed Carpets: Enhancing the visual appeal of each course.
  • Laser CNC Routing: Ensuring precision in design implementation.
  • Electronics: Incorporating RFID technology for scoring.

Mini golf course ”Texas Hold’em”

Project Results and Impact

The project delivered remarkable results that left both players and customers enthusiastic. The RFID scoring system added a new dimension to gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

Funpark Rodgau’s ambition to become the top leisure destination in Rodgau was further solidified, attracting diverse groups ranging from team events and company parties to school trips and bachelor parties since day-1 of operations.

The 19 themed mini golf courses, including classics like Billiard Putt, Pac-Man, and Texas Hold’em, provided an immersive and entertaining experience that kept visitors coming back for more.


Mini golf course ”Billiard Putt”

Client: Funpark Rodgau

Funpark Rodgau, the new kid on the block, is now the go-to place for games, fun, and excitement in Rodgau, Germany. Offering a wide range of entertainment options, including mini golf, escape rooms, laser tag, and bowling, Funpark Rodgau has become the ultimate leisure destination, promising unforgettable memories and endless enjoyment for its visitors.


Mini golf course ”Roulette”

Intelligent Entertainment: Crafting Adventures, Creating Memories

At Intelligent Entertainment, we take pride in transforming visions into reality. Funpark Rodgau’s 19-themed mini golf courses are a testament to our dedication to creating immersive, safe, and entertaining experiences. We look forward to continuing our partnership and crafting even more memorable adventures in the future.

19 mini golf courses for Funpark Rodgau in Germany