what is ?

The MindGolf is an entertainment
venue designed to
create unique experiences for a
wide range of different
people groups

what is ?

The customers of the MindGolf will enter a zone full of thematic miniature golf courses.

A micture of different themes, difficulties and tastes destined to satisfy first-timers but also golf enthusiasts.

The MindGolf is a 360-entertainment experience.

Aside from the game itself, a fully stacked bar and kitchen
will keep the customers longer in the venue and cover events such as birthdays and team building events.

how is it played?

The players receive a team RFID Wristband to register their individual and team nicknames at the registration touch screens.

In addition, they will use the wristband to enable the cource of their preference at the relevant touch screens and check in thier game progress.

The players will be also able to view a live leaderboard at shared screens around the venue and compete to victory!

the software

the software

The MindGolf comes with a sophisticated HTML software that runs both the game and the administration.

The reception can use a light, quick and resourceful backend version of the software,
deal with payment, prepaid time, and customers,

The customers can enjoy the leaderboard fun, the competition,
the registration of scores and the overall game experience with just one 4-digit code.
NO more stacks of papers and handwriting down of the scores!

some of our courses

why mini golf?

All age groups

Fun to run

Cheap equipment
almost zero consumable

Year-long activity

Large profit margins

cheap operational exprenses
game itself need 1-2 people to run

superb lifestyle

The MindGolf is designed to keep the customers for long periods of time.this is why we urge our clients to create a bar, include kitchen services and table/chair arrangements aside from the game itselfs.

Specifically,the MindGolf can become a perfect post-work activity during weekdays, where colleagues can have drinks, food, and enjoy themselves competing in a fun activity.

Also,the MindGolf set the stage for successful kids parties that can fill the venue capacity during weekends.

what you get?

All we need
is a floorplan of your venue.
We will design the result,
create it and install it for you at your space.

What we offer

what you get?

  • Fully equipped and operational premium miniature golf courses.

  • Computers & Monitors

  • Door-to-door Shipping (comes with an extra fee according to your location)

  • Staff Transport & Accommodation

  • 2D/3D Venue Designs, floorplans & Electrical Plans

  • Game Documents, Game Plans, Flow Charts

  • Operations Software

  • Sofware Operation Manuals

  • Software Touch Screen Tablets

  • Device Manuals

  • Game, maintenance & troubleshooting manuals

  • Six-month replacement guarantee for all game props

  • Staff Training

  • Main bar construction and installment

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