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Agent Factory is a new and groundbreaking entertainment game for groups of people.

A team will challenge themselves in a series of interactive tasks that combine fitness, observation, action & handiness!

Agent Factory is a new and groundbreaking entertainment game for groups of people.

A team will challenge themselves in a series of interactive tasks that combine fitness, observation, action & handiness!

How it is Played?

How it is Played?


The players receive their game wristbands. They will use them to enter and exit the missions. When they are outside the door of an available mission, they can play!

How it is Played?

When the players enter the room, they choose difficulty and the time begins!


How it is Played?

The team must try to win in 3-6 minutes. If they succeed, they can move to a different one. If they fail, they can reset the difficulty and start again!


How it is Played?


The team can see their points live in scoreboard screens and complete with other teams for glory!


Unleash the Ultimate Espionage Adventure at Agent Factory! Nestled in an abandoned factory, our thrilling indoor entertainment experience immerses players in covert operations. Enveloped in Agent X’s rich lore, become elite secret agents as you navigate the state-of-the-art training ground. RFID wristbands track your progress, making the adventure interactive. Test your skills with challenges, daring rescues, and mind-bending puzzles. Expert instructors push your limits, honing your wit and teamwork. Elevate your venue with Agent Factory – an unforgettable, ageless experience, as guests transform into secret agents, creating memories that last!

The Game

Agent Factory missions are divided in three categories, according to the game genre the team will find in each.


The symbol of fire is associated with energy, activity & strength. So are the Fire Missions at the Agent Factory; The teams will stretch their physical limits to the max!

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Air is identified as the symbol of intelligence. The players will surely need plenty of air in order to think right and act properly while playing the brain & intelligence missions of Agent Factory.

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A symbol related with flexibility. This missions category at Agent Factory will require the best out of their skills, handiness and accuracy from players!

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Our earth missions are under completion and they will be available soon, combining elements from the above types of games, in some extra-fun and spacious missions that will be considered as masterpieces of entertainment!

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Software automations

Agent Factory operates with a unique software that takes advantages of al technical aspects of the game and creates a remarkable experience & endless possibility for the customer and the owner.

A combination of touch screens with RFID wristbands that the players wear throughout the game creates an automated and unique entertainment experience.

On top of that, our software technology creates a vast oppourtunity field for personalized maketing as all the statistics of the game are stored in the player’s accounts.



  • Outside the missions, the players can see the game objectives, statics and above all, real-time availability.

  • Print your profile & Game overviews!

  • A user-friendly platform that will speed up your admin process and even comes in dark mode!

  • The venue admin staff can register players, see live availability, player profiles, manage payments and even adit mission details


The game missions and the technology used in Agent Factory, provide a unique opportunity for real-time & personalized marketing.

The players can log in on the website, view their statistics and compare their performance & milestones with others in regional & global leaderboards.

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The players create a personal account have access to the game.

Agent Factory Software stores their data & performance.

Agent Factory Loyalty Platform can produce a series of marketing actions & offers, tailor-made to each specific customer through milestones like points achieved, ranking, time played, even birthdays, creating a hard-to-find chance to create personalized marketing.


New business idea, that haven’t been around at all, making it easier & more attractive to promote

Minimal operational expenses. Almost zero consumables.

Minimal staff expenses & operational costs (20 rooms missions require 2-3 game masters + 1 receptionist).

Large number of customers playing simultaneously (70- 90 players).


You Get the game missions and the Operations Software installed and running to your existing venue.

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Installation of ready-to-play Agent Factory missions

Choosing the Partnership Solution will unlock all the Customer Loyalty & marketing features that make Agent Factory an amazing turnkey entertainment venue!

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Installation of ready-to-play Agent Factory missions

Inclusion of Operations Software

Responsive Website Connected with the Loyalty Platform: Venue identity, promotional material.

Full access to The Agent Factory Loyalty Platform


Our Very first Agent Factory Missions are reality! Check how Space Laser Games in Brussels, Belgium has successfully intergrated our game to their Laser Tag venue.

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