Nine enchanting mini golf courses: A hole-in-one experience in Kialla, Australia

Fun Planet, the premier entertainment hub in Kialla, Australia, is set to elevate its offerings to new heights with an exciting collaboration with Intelligent Entertainment. Following the success of their first project featuring captivating escape rooms, Fun Planet is now gearing up to introduce 9 enchanting themed mini-golf courses that promise to take visitors on an unforgettable journey through imagination and fun.



A Hole-in-One Experience


With the grand opening just around the corner, mini golf enthusiasts are bubbling with excitement. The entertainment destination has gained a loyal following, drawing families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike. Now, with the addition of 9 captivating themed mini-golf courses, Fun Planet is all set to up the ante and create a truly immersive and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.


Each mini-golf course has been meticulously designed to transport players into whimsical worlds, brimming with creativity and imagination. From pirate-infested islands to mystical castles, and ancient Egyptian wonders to futuristic space odysseys, these courses are a fusion of artistry and adventure.


The Masterminds Behind the Magic


Collaborating with Intelligent Entertainment, Fun Planet has harnessed the expertise of a team of talented professionals, including carpenters, visual artists, and game designers. Their combined skills have brought these mini-golf courses to life, ensuring every nook and cranny is filled with captivating details that immerse players in their chosen theme.


Intelligent Entertainment, with its proven track record in crafting innovative indoor entertainment experiences, is the perfect partner for Fun Planet’s mission to deliver excellence and create lasting memories for its visitors.



A Gateway to Imagination


We believe that entertainment should be an avenue for both fun and inspiration. As visitors navigate through the twists and turns of the mini-golf courses, they’ll find themselves entwined in narratives that spark their imagination and kindle a sense of adventure.


Whether it’s putting the ball through the perilous maze of a pirate ship or a billiard putt, Fun Planet’s mini-golf experience transcends the boundaries of traditional play. It encourages players to explore their surroundings, engage with each other, and unleash their inner child.



A Second Success Story


Our journey in Australia began with an exciting venture alongside the iconic Big Banana Fun Park in Coffs Harbour. The success of our collaboration, resulting in four enthralling escape rooms that delighted visitors, laid the foundation for further expansion. As we continue to charm audiences with Fun Planet’s captivating 9-themed mini-golf courses in Kialla, our commitment to delivering top-notch immersive experiences remains steadfast.


Our thriving partnerships with both Fun Planet and Big Banana Fun Park have spurred our ambition to expand our innovative entertainment solutions further across Australia, bringing excitement and joy to even more entertainment venues and delighting audiences throughout the continent. With our passion for creativity and a dedicated team of experts, we eagerly embrace the future, ready to leave our mark on the Australian entertainment landscape.



Join the Fun!


In conclusion, as Intelligent Entertainment, our collaboration with Fun Planet in delivering 9 themed mini-golf courses in Kialla, Australia, has been a resounding success. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to redefining indoor entertainment and sparking joy in audiences worldwide. As we continue to expand our presence across Australia, we invite you to join us on this thrilling journey, where imagination knows no bounds!

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