Riding the Aussie waves: Four escape rooms to Coffs Harbour, Australia

Building on our success across various locations, we, at Intelligent Entertainment, are set to deliver four exhilarating escape rooms to the vibrant coastal town of Coffs Harbour, Australia. From unearthing ancient secrets in the Temple of Doom to surviving a treacherous Hostel, and from plotting a Prison Break to honing your magical skills in the School of Wizards, these immersive experiences promise unforgettable adventures for locals and tourists of all ages.



Unleashing the Thrills in Coffs Harbour


Situated along the stunning Australian coastline, Coffs Harbour provides an idyllic setting for Intelligent Entertainment’s delivery of four immersive escape rooms. Combining natural beauty with adrenaline-pumping adventures, the town attracts tourists from far and wide. The introduction of these thrilling escape rooms further enhances Coffs Harbour’s reputation as a hub for entertainment and adventure, offering both locals and visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in captivating and challenging experiences.



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But what about escape rooms?


Intelligent Entertainment’s delivery of four exhilarating escape rooms—Temple of Doom, Hostel, Prison Break, and School of Wizards—to Coffs Harbour, Australia, signals an exciting chapter in the town’s entertainment landscape.



 From deciphering ancient puzzles in forgotten temples to surviving harrowing ordeals and embracing the mystical world of magic, these immersive experiences promise unforgettable adventures for participants of all ages. As Coffs Harbour embraces these enigmatic escapes, locals and tourists can look forward to thrilling challenges, team-building opportunities, and lasting memories in the heart of this coastal paradise.



Temple of Doom: Unveiling Ancient Mysteries


Prepare to embark on an exhilarating quest as Intelligent Entertainment unveils the Temple of Doom escape room in Coffs Harbour. Inspired by the adventures of a famous archaeologist, this room invites participants to assemble scattered notes and venture deep into the heart of a hidden Indian temple nestled within the wild jungle. With ancient traps blocking the path, teams must work together to overcome obstacles and unveil the temple’s long-lost secrets. The Temple of Doom escape room promises an unforgettable adventure suitable for all ages.



Hostel: A Terrifying Tale of Survival


Enter the dark and twisted world of the Hostel escape room, inspired by the unsuspecting horrors of an innocent Eurotrip gone wrong. Locked out of your intended accommodations, a seemingly friendly stranger leads you to a hostel where an unsuspecting cup of tea leaves you drugged and trapped. Awaken in a grim dungeon, chained and handcuffed, you must tap into your survival instincts to break free from your captors and escape the Hostel alive. This nerve-wracking escape room tests your wits and resilience in a race against time.



Prison Break: A Test of Determination


Experience the adrenaline rush of a Prison Break as Intelligent Entertainment challenges you to escape from a high-security prison. Locked behind bars with seemingly no way out, you and your team must defy the wardens, outsmart the security systems, and push your limits to their boundaries to find a path to freedom. This thrilling escape room demands your resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, and teamwork as you strive to outwit the authorities and secure your escape.



School of Wizards: Harnessing Magical Powers


Unleash your inner wizard as Intelligent Entertainment introduces the School of Wizards escape room. In a world where the forces of evil are growing stronger, a young and courageous magician seeks allies for an ultimate battle against a powerful and malevolent wizard. Freshly graduated from the School of Wizards, your task is to delve into the academy’s halls, unravel hidden answers, and equip yourselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to confront the forces of darkness. This enchanting escape room experience allows you to test your magical prowess and embark on a heroic journey like no other.



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