Waltzing in IAAPA: A recap of our participation at IAAPA Europe in Vienna

As the curtain falls on IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 in Vienna, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this spectacular event. The expo brought together an array of professionals, from CEOs and marketing managers to passionate gamers and escape room creators, creating an environment of innovation and collaboration. Join us as we revisit our unforgettable experience at the expo, including insightful interviews with key team members and the exciting connections we made.


Our exhibit, spanning an immersive 72 square meters at Booth B-1627 in the esteemed Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, was nothing short of extraordinary. We were proud to unveil two spellbinding escape rooms – “Middle Earth” and “Atlantis,” where fantasy met reality. Additionally, we offered the thrill of two mesmerizing mini golf courses – “Tree Trunk” and “The Propeller.” But that’s not all – we invited attendees to explore the captivating realm of Agent Factory with our course, “The Joker,” the ultimate blend of fun and strategy.


Curiosity and Connection


The IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 brought forth a diverse crowd eager to explore and engage. Many attendees were intrigued by our Agent Factory and sought details about the factory and our projects. The thirst for knowledge and passion for innovation were palpable, driving meaningful conversations and connections.


A Night to Remember


On the evening of September 27th, we hosted a memorable party at a local pub, setting the stage for indoor entertainment leisure and forging new connections. It was an opportunity to unwind, dance, and share stories with like-minded individuals who share our passion for immersive entertainment.


The Chief Commercial Officer, Katerina Kanoura, who played a pivotal role at the expo, shared her excitement: “Everyone who talked about Agent Factory was genuinely excited. It felt amazing to hear such positive feedback, and our booth attracted a steady stream of visitors. This was my first show, and I loved it because I had the chance to meet people from all over Europe and make some great friends. The party was the icing on the cake, allowing us to engage with even more interested individuals while dancing and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the pub.”


The Head Of Construction Department, Giannis Moraitis, reflected on the expo experience: “The exhibition opened up new horizons, introducing us to cutting-edge technologies and ideas. Our booth stood out as it was entirely constructed from scratch, a testament to our commitment to innovation. It was not just a temporary fashion; it was a showcase of our dedication to our craft. The party was equally amazing, providing us with an opportunity to discuss construction with fellow enthusiasts in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.”



The Brand and Communications Manager, Yannis Bakaloudis, said: “Our presence at IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 was a true testament to the power of innovation and connection. We saw firsthand how our immersive escape room experiences resonated with a diverse audience of professionals and enthusiasts alike. It was heartening to witness the excitement and curiosity that our creations sparked among attendees. The expo not only allowed us to showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of entertainment but also provided a platform to engage with like-minded individuals who share our passion for immersive adventures. We look forward to continuing to foster these connections and delivering even more captivating experiences.”


The Project Manager, Panos Karanasios, said that: It was a remarkable experience. It offered a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of our meticulous planning and creative vision. Interacting with attendees, discussing the intricacies of our escape room and mini golf projects, and hearing their excitement and enthusiasm was gratifying. IAAPA Expo Europe provided a valuable platform to showcase our dedication to crafting immersive adventures and fostering connections within the industry. We are committed to building on this momentum and delivering unforgettable experiences in the world of entertainment.”


What’s Next?


The adventure doesn’t stop here! Our next stop is the IAAPA Show in Orlando this November. We’re gearing up for an even more exhilarating experience, where we’ll continue to push the boundaries of entertainment and innovation. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates!



IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 was more than an event; it was an experience of innovation, connection, and shared passion. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us, from fellow professionals to curious gamers. Together, we are shaping the future of entertainment, one immersive adventure at a time. Until we meet again, thank you for making IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 an unforgettable experience!

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