Automated vs traditional escape rooms

As the world becomes more and more automated with the rapid growth of technology, the question arises – should traditional escape rooms be left behind in favor of their automated counterparts? Automated escape rooms have become increasingly popular due to their ability to enhance the gameplay experience using technology. However, the fear of technology failing during the game is a concern for some. This is where auto hint software comes in – it’s a game-changer for automated escape rooms.


Escape room project ”Upside Down”. A young boy’s disappearance has disturbed the local community and you have decided to investigate the case. It takes you no time to realize that supernatural events are taking place right below your feet. A game between parallel dimensions, secret labs and conspiracy theories in a retrospective scene that will make it hard for you to return to normality!


At Intelligent Entertainment, we use auto-hint software in all of our projects. This includes 45 escape room locations in Germany, where our software has worked perfectly. Autohint software is an automated hint integration that has all the escape room props wired up, so when players need a hint and push the button, the software provides them with a precise audio hint based on the puzzle they are stuck at. This not only elevates the game experience but is also particularly useful in smaller escape room businesses or in escape rooms where the owner prefers one game master to be in charge of many rooms.


”Gates of Atlantis”. You have found mystical documents leading to the lost city of Atlantis. Once there, you discover that Poseidon has cursed the city, and humanity’s only hope is to find and deliver his stolen trident. Can you fulfill this task?


Benefits of Traditional Escape Rooms


Traditional escape rooms are those that rely solely on human elements to create puzzles and challenges for the players. These rooms may use locks, codes, riddles, and other physical elements to create an immersive experience. One of the main benefits of traditional escape rooms is that they allow for a more personalized experience. The game master can adjust the difficulty level and clues according to the players’ abilities and interests. Additionally, traditional escape rooms provide a more tactile experience, as players must physically manipulate objects to solve puzzles.


Real estate mission in Transylvania goes wrong. Trapped in a haunted castle with evil spirits, voices, and souls. Find Count Dracula’s coffin and kill him before nightfall to survive.


Benefits of Automated Escape Rooms


Automated escape rooms use technology to enhance the gameplay experience. These rooms may have sensors, lights, and sound effects that are triggered by the player’s actions. Automated escape rooms can provide a more immersive experience as the technology can simulate a wider variety of scenarios and environments. Moreover, automation can provide more efficient monitoring of the game, ensuring that players receive a fair and enjoyable experience.


Blackbeard, a notorious pirate, has lost his crew in a sea battle, leaving only One-eyed Jack and a team of captured slaves alive. To survive, they must find the secret cave where Blackbeard has hidden his loot. However, they must avoid being detected by the captain and other enemies also searching for the treasure. Can they succeed in this dangerous quest?


Drawbacks of Traditional Escape Rooms


On the other hand, traditional escape rooms have some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is the difficulty in monitoring the game. The game master must be present at all times to ensure that the players are progressing through the game fairly and that they do not damage any of the physical components. Additionally, traditional escape rooms require a large physical space to create an immersive experience, which may not be feasible for all venues.


You and your friends explore an abandoned mansion, unaware that it is possessed by the vengeful spirit of a girl who died there 70 years ago. Can you survive the encounter with her evil spirit and solve the spooky puzzles to escape?


Drawbacks of Automated Escape Rooms


However, the use of technology in escape rooms can also have its drawbacks. Technology can fail, and if an automated escape room breaks down during the game, it can ruin the players’ experience. In addition, automated escape rooms can sometimes feel less personalized than their traditional counterparts, as the players’ actions are limited to triggering pre-programmed events. This can lead to a less engaging experience for some players.


In the Middle Ages, King Idiron’s castle is under attack by an army of Ordrots led by the evil lord Brautul. You must find the holy relic hidden within the castle to defeat the Ordrots and save the kingdom. This is an epic adventure set in a fantasy world of war and battles.


Autohint Software: And the prize goes to…


Automated hint integrations can be a deciding factor in choosing a ‘’modern’’ escape room and of course, we use it in every project! Such solutions, including our software, have all the escape room props wired up so, that when the players are in need of a hint and push the button, the software is aware of the puzzle they are stuck at and provides them with a precise audio hint. Except for the game experience elevation, such tech features can be particularly useful in smaller escape room businesses or, generally, in escape rooms where the owner prefers one game master to be in charge of many rooms.


Embark on a quest to discover the ancient Indian temple hidden deep in the jungle. Assemble the notes of a famous archaeologist and navigate through old traps to explore its secrets. This is an adventure for all ages to become true adventurers of the jungle.


Monitoring and Maintenance


One of the main advantages of automated escape rooms is the ability to monitor the game remotely. With the use of auto-hint software, this becomes even easier. The game master can focus on other tasks while the software takes care of providing hints to the players when needed. Automated escape rooms also require less maintenance than traditional escape rooms, as there are fewer physical components that can break or wear out.


Unlock the secret dimension hiding the Elf Forest and Rainbow Land. Explore dreamy scenes and dangerous encounters to find the secret recipe, but be careful not to get trapped forever.


Personalization and Engagement


While traditional escape rooms may allow for more personalized experiences, automated escape rooms can still provide an engaging experience for players. By using technology to create an immersive environment, players can feel like they are part of a larger narrative. Additionally, the use of technology can provide a more efficient and streamlined gameplay experience.


Explore an abandoned house once owned by a strange family, but beware: Mary’s ghost haunts the home. Conquer your fears and break the curse to find valuables, but can you do it without stirring the ghost’s wrath?


Finding the Right Balance


As a construction company that specializes in creating automated escape rooms, we recognize the numerous benefits that automation can offer. By leveraging technology, we can create immersive gameplay experiences that engage players on multiple levels, from lights and sound effects to sensors and interactive puzzles. Unlike traditional escape rooms, automated escape rooms allow for efficient monitoring and maintenance, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.


Discover the Great Pharaoh’s pyramid with the help of an ancient papyrus. Explore crypts, solve riddles, and avoid traps to uncover its secrets. But beware, some secrets are better left buried in this ancient Egyptian pyramid.


While we understand that some customers may prefer the tactile nature of traditional escape rooms, we believe that automation provides the ultimate escape room experience. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to design and build custom escape rooms that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring an unforgettable experience for your customers.





Autohint software is just one example of the numerous benefits that automation can offer in the world of escape rooms. With the ability to provide efficient monitoring and maintenance, a more immersive experience, and streamlined gameplay, automated escape rooms are quickly becoming the preferred choice for escape room enthusiasts. At Intelligent Entertainment, we took a brave decision in 2019 to research and develop a fully customized auto hint software for the game experience to become even more fascinating for the players and tenacious for the operators. Looking back now, it seems that it has been a 100% rewarding decision – our project growth and our happy customers can vouch for this!

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