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The escape room creation is our main expertise. Through our company-owned brand The MindTrap, we have created 72 different escape room scenarios for our 15-branch network but also on behalf of other brands around the globe. Based in our manufactory in Thessaloniki, Greece, we have assembled more than 170 escape rooms since 2014.

Our solid operations team has a remarkable experience on the field but also a hard-to-find expertise in the construction of escape rooms. Have a look at our catalogue and come in touch with us. We can create a floorplan of your space for free and discuss how to tailor our products on your needs.

Our Escape Rooms

What makes our escape rooms premium is the 360-approach we have towards the overall customer experience. We design our games so that, aside from the brain puzzles and clues, the customers can use all their senses to experience a whole theme, through our special wall patterns, lighting, sound effects & music, and the overall game flow and continuity.

Our Escape Room Operations Software

Running an escape room business can be a demanding challenge. Within a constantly changing industry, businesses should be able to adapt to recent technologies and be able to produce the desired profit.

This is why we, at Intelligent Entertainment, have developed a unique operations software for our escape rooms.

Our multifunctional software, thanks to advanced electronics solutions, always understands the progress of players and automatically provides hints depending on the puzzle players are at that moment, through interactive touch screens placed inside the rooms. Moreover, through our software, business owners can run a series of special effects, lighting, sounds & music, through an IoT-like environment.

All in all, our software will minimize staff expenses while maintaining customer experience to excellent levels.

What you Get

All we need is a floorplan of your venue. We will design the result, create the props and install it for you at your space.

Our standard solution in simple words: We conceptualize, create the escape rooms and install them to your space. Before we arrive to your venue, you should prepare the space according to the plans delivered by us. The escape rooms will be operating under your business trademark.

  • Original Game Scenario
  • Special Game Constructions (primarily made of wood & metal)
  • Electronic Props & Effects (all electronic components and wiring used bear the CE marking)
  • Themed Wall Scenery (styrofoam & artistic features)
  • Sophisticated electrical panel box for the game automations & software integration
  • Padlocks
  • Special Effects Devices
  • CCTV Equipment
  • Computers & Monitors
  • Decoration & Furniture
  • Door-to-door Shipping
  • Rooms Installation
  • Staff Transport & Acommodation
  • 2D/3D Venue Designs, floorplans & Electrical Plans
  • Game Documents, Game Plans, Flow Charts
  • Puzzle & Riddle Graphic Designs
  • Game Multimedia (soundtrack, sound library, visual effects)
  • Operations Software
  • Software Operation Manuals
  • Device Manuals
  • Game, maintenance & troubleshooting manuals
  • Spare Parts
  • Six-month replacement guarantee for all game props
  • Staff Training

Partnership solution in simple words: In addition with the escape rooms creation (that takes place similarly with the standard solution), we deliver you with a ready to go branding option of our escape room brand, The MindTrap.

  • Trademark sign
  • Venue Identity: Staff outfits, venue billboards & interior decoration, Digital printing on PVC tarpaulin (5mm)
  • Merchandise items, solutions & designs
  • Multimedia (photo/video/graphic designs) library for promotional purposes
  • Offline Material: Flyer & Catalogue Designs
  • TV Screens, Tablets (bearing the CE marking)
  • 2 X Information kiosk for reception hall (or more upon request).
  • Venue signage
  • Responsive Website & Online Booking System
  • Sales & Marketing plans / guides.

*The MindTrap is our escape room branch venue. Located in 14 venues around Greece, The MindTrap became a unique destination for hundreds of thousands. The MindTrap has given us a prime insight view of the industry, as we are not only in the position to construct the games; we run them too.

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