Three locations, ten escape rooms

We are excited to announce our expansion into three new locations in Germany! Our team will be delivering three escape rooms in Troisdorf, three in Darmstadt, and four in Landau. We can’t wait to challenge your problem-solving skills with our exciting concepts in these areas.



The escape rooms


In Troisdorf we will deliver the ”Upside Down”, ”Aladdin and the Genie Lamp”, and ”Hostel”. In addition, in Darmstadt we will deliver ”Murder on the Train”, ”The Precious Ring”, and ”Hostel”, and in Landau the escape rooms ”Dracula’s Castle”, ”Cursed City”, ”Murder on the Train”, and ”The Precious Ring”.



Keep an eye on our page for updates and sneak peeks of our progress. Get ready to experience the thrill of our indoor entertainment venues, and stay tuned for more exciting developments from Intelligent Entertainment! Stay tuned for more updates and details as we continue to expand and grow our company in Europe and beyond!

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