Next Stop In Heilbronn

Heilbronn is of a great importance for our business agenda. In a very short time we managed to extend our escape rooms in South Germany and we are committed to begin the construction as soon as possible.

The city of Heilbronn is well known for its wine industry therefore installing The Mysterious Pub makes it the ideal place to be an agent and travel in the Prohibition time.

Adventurous escape rooms like Pharaoh’s Tomb, Prison Break and Baker Street intend to amaze escapers of all ages but trying to escape from Evil Mansion is a fascinating story to share.

An abandoned mansion designed with high leveled difficulty for truly demanding players. A breathtaking dark scenery combined with clever puzzles make The Evil Mansion a must play escape game for anyone who enjoys horror scenarios. Challenge your clients to stay focused in escaping while they have to deal with our automation system perfectly designed to retain the sequence between the game play and the puzzles.

More entertainment activities are available in our product list as we achieve to be one step forward to our competitors.

Meet you in Heilbronn!