New Project In Munich | Neufahrn

Our popular escape rooms are coming soon in Neufahrn, a  town located northeast of Munich.

Castles, battles, ancient pyramids, and spells are some elements of the escape room mix being prepared for our business partner in Neufahrn. 

We always look after our clients so that they conduct their businesses efficiently through the option of various types of escape rooms.
Our company, through the escape brand The MindTrap ,managed to conquer south-eastern Europe, opening escape rooms to 15 locations therefore we understand well that every business has different needs. After consideration and examination of possibilities, the combination of escape rooms is carefully determined to meet each business’s goals.

Dracula’s Castle, School of Wizards, Pharaoh’s Tomb, Temple of Doom, Silence of the Dead!
Five amazing escape rooms, five different scenarios, five unique worlds perfectly designed to deliver immersive adventures to escapers.

We are keen to meet your needs and contribute to the ongoing development of your business.