New Project In Ingolstadt

Our construction team is ready to travel to Ingolstadt and deliver our amazing themed escape rooms!

Ingolstadt will be haunted by an evil curse by the end of the project. The Cursed Hill is an escape room with breathtaking scenery containing the best horror special effects! The combination of the challenging riddles with the themed excellency of the escape room turns the escaping from it an uphill struggle. An escape room that is a great challenge even for the most experienced players.

The famous captain Blackbeard is well known in Germany, since The Pirate Ship already has been constructed in various locations. Everyone enjoys treasure hunting so this escape room is justly reputed for its popularity and high-leveled quality.

Relying on our long time experience in the entertainment industry and being expertise in creation of escape rooms adventures helped us to expand rapidly in the country.

Thank you for your trust!

Meet you soon!

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