Escape rooms for everyone: Comparing adults – only and all – ages options

Escape rooms have taken the world by storm, providing an exhilarating and immersive experience for all ages. However, not all escape rooms are created equal, and there are two main categories of escape rooms: adults-only and all ages. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two types of escape rooms and help you decide which one is best for you.


Escape room ”The Lost Kingdom”. A secret dimension hiding the Elf Forest and the Rainbow Land is waiting for you. All you need to do is find a way to unlock the secret world and enter a stage full of dreamy scenes but also dangerous encounters. Try to get the secret recipe and come back before you get trapped in that dimension forever!


How Adults – only escape rooms designed?


Adults-only escape rooms are designed to be challenging and complex. These rooms are created with the idea of testing the players’ problem – solving abilities, and the puzzles are often more advanced and require a higher level of mental acuity. These escape rooms may contain themes that are not suitable for children, such as horror or violence. Adults – only escape rooms are perfect for a group of friends or coworkers who want to challenge themselves and enjoy a more challenging game.


”Evil Mansion”. The abandoned mansion you have decided to explore with your friends has a horrible secret. The house is possessed by the demonic spirit of a girl that died there 70 years ago. Can you encounter her evil spirit? A breathtaking dark scenery and clever puzzles consist of a fine spooky escape experience!


How all – ages escape rooms designed?


On the other hand, all ages escape rooms are designed for players of all ages. These escape rooms are created to be more family – friendly, and the puzzles are usually easier to solve. They often have themes that are more appropriate for younger audiences, such as treasure hunts or mysteries. All – ages escape rooms are perfect for families or groups with children, where the goal is to have fun and spend time together.


Escape room ”The Pirate Ship”. You and One-eyed Jack, the only survivors of Captain Blackbeard’s crew, must find the secret cave where he hid his plundered items. Avoid detection from the captain and other enemies. Can you succeed and escape with the treasure?


The main differences


Adults-only escape rooms are more difficult with complex puzzles and themes that may not be suitable for children, while all – ages escape rooms are family – friendly with easier puzzles and themes appropriate for children, and of course, they are more suitable for kids’ parties!


One common misconception is that adults – only escape rooms are not suitable for children. While some themes may not be appropriate for younger audiences, there are many adults – only escape rooms that are suitable for children over the age of 12.


Escape room ”Prison Break”. How well can you perform while being captive? The high security prison you are being held at, seems a no way-out place. Can you challenge the wardens, the security and ultimately yourselves to work together and find a way out towards freedom? A brilliant gameplay that requires the best of you in order to succeed!


Why themes from popular series and movies are suitable for both adults and kids?


One reason why themes from popular series and movies are suitable for both adults and kids is that they are familiar and relatable. Many people, regardless of age, enjoy watching movies and TV shows, and incorporating these themes into escape rooms can add an extra layer of excitement and engagement.


Moreover, the themes can be adapted to different levels of complexity, making them accessible to a wide range of players. For example, a Harry Potter – themed escape room can be designed with simpler puzzles for kids and more challenging ones for adults.


Escape room ”School of Wizards”. The powers of evil are growing stronger. A brave young magician is seeking allies for his ultimate battle against the powerful and demonic wizard. Having just graduated from the School of Wizards, you need to find all the answers hiding in your academy’s halls and equip yourselves for the battle against evil!


What metrics has the owner to think of to select the most suitable escape rooms?


When selecting the most suitable escape rooms, the owner should consider several metrics, including theme, difficulty level, length of the game, and group size. The theme should be appealing to the target audience, and the difficulty level should be appropriate for the group’s skill level. The length of the game should also be considered, as longer games may not be suitable for young children.


Additionally, the group size should be taken into account, as some escape rooms may not accommodate larger groups. Ultimately, the owner should aim to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience that caters to the specific needs and preferences of their customers.


Escape room ”Da Vinci”. The death of the museum director has upset the Police. The most famous cryptologist cannot solve the mystery by himself. As a result, your teacher has assigned you, his best students, to help her out. Beware though; your quest to search for the truth might lead you to unexpected paths, hidden worlds, and conspiracies!


What about kids’ parties?


When selecting the most suitable escape rooms for a kids’ party, the owner should consider metrics such as age – appropriate themes, shorter game lengths, and group size restrictions. The themes should be engaging and appropriate for the age range of the children attending the party. The difficulty level should be challenging enough to keep the kids engaged, but not so difficult that they become frustrated or disinterested.


Escape room ”Age of Knights”. In a Middle Ages kingdom, evil lord Brautul’s army of Ordrots is attacking King Idiron’s castle. You must find a holy relic hidden there to defeat the monsters and save the kingdom.


In addition, shorter game lengths are usually preferred for kids’ parties, as children have shorter attention spans. Finally, the owner should ensure that the escape room can accommodate the group size of the party. Some escape rooms may have restrictions on the number of participants, so it’s essential to confirm the group size in advance to avoid disappointment.


Overall, escape rooms are a fantastic way to test your problem – solving abilities and have fun with friends and family. While there are differences between adults – only and all – ages escape rooms, it’s important to note that we, at Intelligent Entertainment, aim to create experiences that cater to every age group. With careful planning, escape rooms can be tailored to suit both adults and children, offering two different versions of puzzles and plot twists.

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