Discover the Epic Secrets Behind our newest escape room installations for Big Banana in Australia!

Crafting our first Down Under Escape Rooms!


In the vibrant landscape of Coffs Harbour, Australia, we, Intelligent Entertainment, embarked on an exhilarating venture with the esteemed Big Banana – Theme Park. We take immense pride in this collaboration, not only as a strategic business endeavor but also as the formation of remarkable relationships and the joyous inception of new possibilities.



Escape Room Construction:

Before our journey to Australia, our talented team laid the groundwork for the spectacular escape rooms in our factory. From conceptualization to fabrication, our skilled professionals, including carpenters, electrical engineers, artists, and designers, synergized their expertise. The team injected all the expertise, hard work and vision that was required for such a demanding project. This was intricate process that went into creating these immersive indoor entertainment spaces, showcasing the pinnacle of our craftsmanship and technological prowess.



Installation Process in Australia – Our Perspective:

The decision to take on the Big Banana Fun Park project proved to be an excellent business decision for both us and our new partner. The four rooms built exclusively for Big Banana are School of Wizards, Hostel, Temple of Doom and Prison Break. Our project has not only demonstrated our commitment to providing premium indoor entertainment, but also cultivated strong relationships with our valued partner.

The games were constructed in our manufactory, utilizing cutting-edge machinery such as UV printers, 3D printers, CNC routers, and Laser Cutters. Once completed, the games were shipped to Australia, and our dedicated crew, including carpenters, electrical engineers, and artists, flew to Coffs Harbour for the installation process. Overcoming some inevitable construction challenges, we successfully brought the escape rooms to life, seamlessly integrating them into the vibrant atmosphere of Big Banana Fun Park.



The Outcome:

The result of this transcontinental collaboration is nothing short of extraordinary. The escape rooms at Big Banana Fun Park stand as a testament to our collective prowess in delivering immersive and thematically rich experiences. Our partner is delighted, and the rooms are now open to the public, providing an indoor activity of unparalleled quality. Our rooms for Big Banana aren’t just standalone experiences, they are blended chapters within the venue’s entertainment narrative.



In conclusion, we are so joyful for creating not just escape rooms but memorable adventures, once again! The project not only expands our global footprint but also reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of indoor entertainment. This collaborative achievement between Intelligent Entertainment and Big Banana leaves us thoroughly satisfied.

Take a look at our Big Banana escape rooms here.

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