Combining fun with theme value – a concept worth struggling for.

When our client in Neufahrn, a small town right outside Munich, asked us to deliver escape rooms for their venue in the local mall, we had many things to take care of.

The client was clear that the goal was to leave something new and bold for the local community and nearby locations. We decided to give value to the theme experience of the event, something the client was seeking as well and approved immediately to work on.

Our choices for a space of five escape rooms, were exactly built on that purpose. We began forming Temple of Doom, Pharaoh’s TOmb, Dracula’s Castle, Silence of the Dead and School of Wizards. Our top-thematic rooms were lined up, in order to give game diversity and theme adequacy.

From the adventurous ruins of India, to the hidden interior of an egyptian pyramid, and from a vampire castle to a magician’s school and a spooky estate with a family cemetary, we created a variety of styrofoam wall creations and patterns, as well as many ‘marble’ statues to support the theme. The lights combination with special effects was planned to boost the theme accuracy, historical details and immersiveness.

The 5 rooms in the location have managed to fulfill their purpose, making the local venue a place-to-be in the community. He had a great deal of fun making our games in Neufahrn and we aspire to come back for equal challenges!