A vintage prison in Heilbronn

Our client in Heilbronn, Germany, requested 7 escape rooms from us. When discussing the goals of the business, we both agreed, judging from the local competition as well, that a prison theme should definitely by one of the seven.

Prison Break in Heilbronn set the bar high for us. We took the chance to transform our existing escape scenario from a modern to an old-fashioned prison. The ones you see in vintage movies like The Shawshank Redemption.

We made upgrades in our wall and ceiling theme. Old, reddish bricks were designed, while rusty pipes and 50’s electrical installments found way in the set design. An electrical chair was also placed in an execution chamber to uplift the feeling of insecurity within inmates/players.

Prison Break is an escape room with a creative game style, as teams split between cells and have to discover vintage artefacts and come up with smart ways to communicate and find their way out. Adding the Alcatraz-fashioned theme on that, and you get a perfect prison escape game!